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Arthritis XRay Natural Biological AlternativesArthritis XRay


Nutriteck Nutritional SupplementsFunction: Helps support cartilage and joint function

Arthritis XRay    Arthriphyte Alternative Formula  

Glucosamine sulfate MSM (organic methylsulfonymethane) yucca schidigera, feverfew and horsetail

Arthritis Research on Supplement Ingredients Dietary Supplement Information:  Anti Aging Nutritional Supplements

Amount per Serving: 1 to 2 grams before meals 2 times per day  
Glucosamine sulfate ...........................  800 mcg/gram 

MSM (Organic Methylsulfonymethane) .... 500 mcg/gram 

Yucca (as Yucca Schidigera) .................. 500 mcg/gram

Feverfew ............................................  300 mcg/gram

Horsetail .............................................  300 mcg/gram 

Note: Nutritecks products are fine grind concentrated ready to use powders, which may be mixed or added to water and most of your regular non alcoholic beverages or simply sprinkled on your foods (like sprinkling spices), or may even be packaged in standard pill and capsule serving methods without compromising product effectiveness or quality. Keep Anti Aging Nutritional Supplementscontainers closed in a cool dry area to prevent contamination before/after use.

Please Note: When calculating your costs of similar products in capsule or pill form which are normally packaged in Example: 2 x 500 mg = 1 gram or 1000 mg. Our 250 gram container has the equivalent of 500 x 500 mg pills or capsules which results in very considerable savings of from 50 to 70% of the cost in many cases of pill and capsule packaging.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry location. The container should be kept closed when not in use. Exposure to high humidity and temperature is not recommended.

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Arthritis Research on Supplement Ingredients  Educational Information Ingredients


Glucosamine Sulfate 4-6 are in the class of muco-polysaccharides and are recognized for building cartilage and connective tissue back on the joints.

Glucosamine is used extensively in Europe to treat osteoarthritis. Numerous published studies document glucosamine's ability to function as a chondroprotective agent. Glucosamine provides the raw material needed for chondrocytes to regenerate cartilage. A glucosamine deficiency caused by aging and/or trauma leads to osteoarthritis.

The oral consumption of glucosamine salts provides the raw material needed for joint cartilage synthesis and repair. In nine European studies, the oral administration of glucosamine produced major reductions in joint pain, joint tenderness and joint swelling. Improvements in joint function and overall physical performance were noted in these studies compared to placebo and/or the drug ibuprofen. While ibuprofen worked faster than glucosamine in relieving pain, glucosamine imtributed in the joint cartilage matrix.

MSM Methylsulfonymethane

MSM is part of the Amino Acid Chain. Without the proper amount of MSM in our bodies, the amino acids will continue to build the glands, but fail to produce the correct enzymes, making us prone to unnecessary illness. MSM is the flexible bond between proteins. When a cell dies, a new cell takes its place. Without the needed amount of MSM, it attaches but becomes rigid. When tissues lose their flexibility, problems develop with the lungs and other parts of the body. MSM detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation. Because there are few nerves in the bones, our pain comes from the soft tissue. Aspirin shuts off the nerves, but the muscles are still damaged. MSM takes out the inflammation, permits the muscles to heal and prevents them from becoming sore. If you play sports or work-out in a gym and normally get sore muscles the next day, take 1/2 teaspoon (or 3 capsules) of MSM before exercise and you will notice a difference. If taken after exercise, the soreness will go away faster.

MSM also prevents overreaction to other medicines, so it does not work against any medications. MSM controls acidity in the stomach, so it can help ulcers. MSM coats the intestinal tract so parasites lose their ability to hang on. They are then flushed away. This could prevent colon problems.

MSM is no more toxic than water. It can never hurt anyone. If you overdose, the extra MSM becomes inert and just passes through your system. MSM has one side effect...your fingernails and hair will grow faster and become stronger. This is because there is more MSM in hair and nail cells than in any other part of the body.


Yucca contains natural steroidal-like saponins that are effective anti-inflammatories and anti-spasmodics which are known to reduce pain associated with arthritis.

Yucca schidigera has been used for years by the Southwestern Indians for pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and rheumatism. It is also said to reduce joint inflammation and has been used with success for allergies and to strengthen the immune system.

Yucca Plant Saponin in the Treatment of Hypertension and Hypercholesterolemia. With D.H. Harris, M.D. and Tom Laga, Ph. D. Journal of Applied Nutrition. Vol. 30, No. 3 & 4, 1978.

Rheumatoid Disease, Has One Investigator Found its Cause and Cure? Modern Medicine: 38-47, February 15, 1976

 Relieves Osteoarthritis
 Rheumatoid Arthritis
 Restores Joint Mobility Pain 
 Prevents Crippling and Deformity 

New and Effective Approaches to the Prevention and Treatment of Arthritis.  Journal of Applied Nutrition, Vol. 28, Winter 1976.  


Feverfew contains sesquiterpenes which have the ability to inhibit prostaglandins and histamine release during inflammation process.


Horsetail provides organic calcium, silica and phosphorous.


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