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  Regenocol â„¢ HWR Botox Alternative

HWR Holistic Wrinkle Relaxing Complex  

 Holistic Wrinkle Relaxing Complex works within minutes and lasts for hours! It has been clinically proven to significantly improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles from 60% to 90%!

Holistic Rejuvenating Creme is a true breakthrough in anti-aging skin care! Its secret is a patented, clinically proven, wrinkle-reversing ingredient in a moisturizing formula that leaves a velvet finish on skin.


The Botox Alternative


   What is BOTOX?

Botox is actually a toxin produced by a bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. By injecting the toxin directly into a muscle or group of muscles, movement or contractions are "frozen". Botox works by attaching itself to nerve endings blocking the neurotransmitter responsible for triggering muscle contractions. Individual Botox treatments cost from $400 to $700.

  Unlike Botox, the Regenocol HWR COMPLEX is not a drug and is comprised of cosmetic approved ingredients, It is completely safe with no side effects.

Regenocolâ„¢ HWR Proven Results!


  Clinical tests demonstrated significant improvements in the appearance of line and wrinkles after the first application ranging from 60% to 90%! This is clearly visible in in less than 5 minutes and improves with regular use especially when combined with our Regenocol â„¢ Collagen Cream and Lotion. See the included photographs below.

Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and lines

Visible results with the first application

Dramatically smoothes, revitalizes and tightens for up to 24 hours

Makeup glides on, stays fresh looking longer without settling in lines

Can be used with or without makeup

Non-irritating, safe for all skin types

Dermatologist Tested

Clinically and Allergy Tested

Regenocolâ„¢ HWR CCG Complex : The secret to maintaining a youthful and wrinkle-free complexion without the pain and discomfort of injections.

Regenocolâ„¢ HWR CCG Complex : contains the unique and highly effective GABA (Gama Amino Butyric Acid) complex, the body natural muscle relaxing hormone. This unique, invisible wrinkle erasing formula also contains an exclusive patent-pending CCG complex, a natural technology that instantly helps to relax and smooth away lines to give you a more youthful, healthy appearance.

Regenocolâ„¢ HWR CCG Complex : Remarkable technology works with the complexion to immediately smooth fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet and signs of stress, whether they are hiding around the eyes, mouth or between the brows.

Regenocolâ„¢ HWR CCG Complex : Is the fast and simple solution for erasing the years off your face. Without the need for costly painful face lifts, needles or injections

Recommended Use Methods: Apply on clean, dry skin. Place a small amount on the pad of your finger or directly on skin, Using a rapid "parting" motion, apply cream to areas such as crow's feet, under eyes, or forehead. etc., until product is absorbed. Don't rub. You will feel a tingling and cooling sensation as it takes effect. Deeper lines may require 2-3 applications. Apply makeup as usual, Avoid contact with eyes. Keep cap closed tightly.

Be amazed at how well it really works and then tell all your friends!

 Regenocolâ„¢ HWR will make you forget about your age

Regenocol HWR CCG Complex contains the body's natural muscle relaxant, an essential neurotransmission inhibitor that has even been used by medical professionals to aid patients with neuro muscular conditions.

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