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MACA is not actually a medicine but a nutritional supplement with Superfood status.

It originates from Peru, in The Andes and grows in a unique soil, rich in minerals, at high altitude and is related to the potato.

It has many medicinal problems and helps women in the menopause. Women who consume it in Peru, and have been doing so all their lives, do not experience the menopausal symptoms we experience in the west, like hot flushes, vaginal dryness and libido problems. In Peru it is eaten either raw or baked. and can also be used dried.

Experiments and research have been carried out on this powerful plant which reveal that not only does it help women in the menopause, but it increases libido in both men and women quite dramatically and there is scientific research to prove this.

Note: Nutritecks bulk products are fine grind concentrated ready to use powders, which may be mixed or added to water and most of your regular non alcoholic beverages or simply sprinkled on your foods (like sprinkling spices), or may even be packaged in standard pill and capsule serving methods without compromising product effectiveness or quality. 

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